Ronen Menipaz (October 23, 1981) is an Israeli entrepreneur and tech investor known for his diverse range of achievements in various fields.

Menipaz was born in Calgary, AB, Canada, and moved to Israel with his family in 1996. He has two sons, Hero and Don, with Moran (spouse).  From a young age, Menipaz displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. At 16, having been thrown out of 4 high schools, he decided to become self-reliant and turned to entrepreneurship.

He established several successful restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Tel Aviv including Tel Yitzhak, Mizo-Ari, Dizingoff, Yaya, Kuma, Toma, and Merhav Yarkon.

Through his early entrepreneurial success, he was able to restore his self-confidence and learn valuable business lessons that paved the way for a remarkable career filled with notable accomplishments. He managed to finish his high school education independently and went on to serve in an elite Israeli military Intelligence unit, further honing his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 

At the age of 22, Menipaz became a lobbyist in the Knesset (Israeli parliament), representing influential clients such as Morris Kahn. He also expanded his professional endeavors by establishing two advertising agencies, Tross Media and Andromedia. Under his leadership, Andromedia won prestigious awards for its creative output.

Menipaz holds two degrees—a joint bachelor’s degree in engineering and business administration, and a master’s degree in government and public policy with a specialization in Chinese studies. These diverse academic backgrounds have equipped him with a broad knowledge base and a unique perspective on various subjects.

Menipaz’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by a series of successful exits. He has achieved five exits in total, with two of them reaching double-digit million amounts within a five-year period (most recognized is the $13M exit of Meme Video to Somoto Ltd. (now Nostromo), the others are Tiger Hippo, Playtium, Millennial Food Tech, and Harvest Entertainment). Additionally, he has played a pivotal role as a partner in two initial public offerings (IPOs).

In recognition of his contributions to the field of international content creation, Menipaz has been awarded 14 prestigious awards, including four humanitarian awards.  Aside from his business ventures, Menipaz has demonstrated his creativity and versatility in the entertainment industry. He has acted in movies, hosted a show on 102 FM, and sold a movie script to the prominent Israeli television network Yes. His passion for music has led him to master various musical instruments, excluding the violin. Furthermore, Menipaz showcased his acting talents in a production of “Camelot” at the age of 17. He completed the Iron Man challenge in 2017, showcasing his commitment to physical fitness and an active lifestyle.

Menipaz is passionate about giving back to the community. He was the Marketing Director of Na Lagaat, an association focused on empowering individuals with disabilities. He also serves on the advisory board of Young Entrepreneurs in Israel, mentoring and guiding aspiring business leaders. He is a regular sponsor of the annual Variety Charity Poker Tournament, orchestrated by Andy Ram and Udi Angel, and a regular sponsor of the official National Technology Hackathon in which most Israeli academic institutions take part.

Menipaz’s family background is also noteworthy. His father is the former dean of several prominent universities and colleges, a former partner at Ernst & Young USA, and the head of the organization’s board of directors in Israel.  Menipaz’s family has a rich history in Israel, with eight generations dating back to the founders of Yessod HaMa’ale and Metula. Furthermore, Menipaz proudly claims that his family played a significant role in founding Osem, a prominent Israeli food manufacturer. Menipaz’s uncle served as a former base commander of 8153 in the intelligence unit, although his name is undisclosed. He is related to Anat Fishman, the daughter of Eliezer Fishman, through marriage. His brother Amit held managerial positions at eBay in Israel and served as their international vice president.

Menipaz’s accomplishments have garnered significant attention, with Real Life Superpowers, the podcast he co-hosts, being recognized as one of the top 10% most listened to podcasts worldwide according to ListenNotes, and regularly featured on CTech, Israel’s largest business newspaper.

Currently, Menipaz serves as Co-founder of private equity M51 Entrepreneurial Labs, Director of an American Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) company, which has raised $10M, and Co-founder of Voyage Capital, a company that invests in global real estate and alternative hospitality. The hospitality arm, together with the international hospitality group Brown Hotels, owns and manages hotels in Greece and Israel, including Brown JLM. In addition, Voyage is also an equal partner with Selina Hospitality PLC ( “Selina”; NASDAQ: SLNA), in Alaya Poleg – a unique village on Poleg Beach.